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About me and my Music


Music is my first love. Although I never had a piano as a child, I always managed to play on other people's pianos. For the first time on the piano of a neighboring pastor's family. I started playing the violin at around the age of 10, but gave up the instrument years later and returned to the piano. I only had a few piano lessons because it was very difficult for me to play notes. I knew all the notes, but they just couldn't get on the fingers and on the keys from the paper.

When I attended a boarding school at the age of 15, I found a paradise of some grand pianos and pianos there. For hours I played my own melodies that came to me inexhaustibly. Every now and then I got a talented classmate to play with me, either on the violin or next to me on the piano. That was the greatest joy for me. There was always a point where suddenly - so it seemed - the heavens opened, hugged and enraptured both of us. Unfortunately, my fellow players, who had difficulties with this kind of rapture, became so scared so it seemed that they soon ended the heavenly experiments with me.

I had my greatest spiritual experiences in connection with my music.

Later, when I could no longer find such comrades, I started to play with myself on various instruments. I used tape recorders early on, which allowed me to use another track. Then when I plunged into the digital world in 1989 and the first midi devices, sequencers and synthesizers appeared, I was in heaven with a thousand possibilities and melodies. I was now able to put together entire orchestras and could compose properly.

For some years now I have been making music for my own guided meditations, videos, films, soul images and occasionally get music orders.

I have set up this page for LAZARIS Music to download:

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