Between 90,000 BC BC and 30,000 BC was a continent in the Pacific Ocean that seemed to have vanished completely. No archaeological finds, no ancient writings or authentic traditions give any evidence of the existence of such a continent. It is said to have been a land bridge between Asia and America on which the lemurs migrated - gnome-looking half-monkeys that finally settled in Madagascar. In the Roman Empire, the "lemurs" were the spirits of the deceased. Officially, you didn't know any more.

However, various writers began writing about Lemuria and Mu since the end of the 19th century. Among them the theosophist W. Scott-Elliott, the clairvoyant and founder of the theosophy Madame Blavatsky and the cultural historian James Churchward. In recent history, it's de Camp and none other than Edgar Cayce. Rudolf Steiner, Vicky Wall, Solara, Shirley MacLain and others also mention Lemuria in their writings. They described it very differently: some suspected a highly developed culture, others spoke of a place where one-eyed giants were up to mischief or gnomes who built underground tunnels.

The fact of the matter is that "Lemuria" like "Atlantis" repeatedly stimulated people's imaginations and that many legends have grown up around this continent - without proving anything. Thus "Lemuria" is somewhere in the collective unconscious of humanity. Lemuria is a reality there.

In mythology you can see relationships to the story of paradise, to the legendary Tibetan country of Shambhala, to Plato's "Island of the Blissful" and other descriptions of places of paradise. Places where everything was good and where man was in unity with God.

For the first time I saw Lemuria in a meditation. That was in 1989 at a Lazaris seminar in California. Since then I have been on a journey of discovery in this and, a land in which man lived as it should be: in harmony with the divine, with animals, with plants, with himself.

Inspired by the deep experience of Lemuria that I was allowed to do at Lazaris and the rich knowledge of Lemuria that I learned from Lazaris and many meditations and inner journeys, I have written three books. As far as I know, they are the only ones that report so comprehensively about the (spiritual) form and nature of Lemuria.

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