About Rannette and Dafydd - many years my teachers and friends

I met Rannette the first time 1977 in Munich, Germany. I attended a three and a half day course with the name »The Experience«. It was a highly metaphysical event with the purpose, to help people to have a more intimate relationship with themselves, with others, with the world. Intimate means, to understand more, to look deeper, to experience the essence and not just the obvious. 

It was about purpose. What is your purpose in life? What is your true strength? What are your dreams and visions? Who are you really? She had invented a rich body of techniques, many of them based on authentic, meaningful and respectful communications with one self and others. 

More »experiences« followed. One of them was »the Family Experience« where she helped especially parents to understand more their roles and deepen their relationships in the family. She also developed powerful one-year-courses with multiple subjects for human growth: Emotional, mental and spiritual.

But was this really so different from other growth workshops at that time? Rannette had an incredible talent and skill to work with people. She sensed, who could work together, where the blockages are, where the strengths are. She always looked beyond the facade, she always looked for the truth in somebody and tried to make it conscious.  It did not matter, what truth appeared, the ugly, the mediocre or the best about somebody.

It was about the Truth, which sets free. Which gives the freedom to choose and to be powerful with the most positive impact somebody is capable of. This was not always comfortable, to say the least. Those who looked for the sweet little lies - they could and would not stay. I experienced this as tremendous love, tremendous care and responsibility.

I took long-term courses with Rannette and then also with Rannette and Dafydd, which took us in the USA from the east to the west coast and beyond to many countries, including Israel, Egypt, Greece, Switzerland, Holland, England, Italy, DDR, Poland - to name just a few.


With us, Rannette researched numerous religious and esoteric movements. The focus was always on the growth of the participants and a global orientation. I will shortly dedicate many chapters to these adventurous journeys in my bilingual biography.

In 1986 Rannette put me in touch with Lazaris. Rannette was deeply fascinated by Lazaris and included his teachings in her work. She became a participant in numerous Lazaris events.


Rannette and Dafydd are still my coaches and consultants to this day.

What I owe to her and them is hard to put into words. Not only were they my leaders and coaches, they also became friends. Friends on the way Home. Rannette stepped in front of us - on December 26, 2015.


Personal Power set Free!

A fantastic seminar, which Rannette and Dafydd

were giving in September 2009.

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Samples from the Seminar