Crystal Skulls carved after my design in Brasil.


Obsidian Black




Obsidian Black


Obsidian Black




Quartz Crystal

Some notes on the special features of these Shining Ones:

1. They are carved by hand in a small company in Brazil. They are not machine made like most crystal skulls.

2. The production is preceded by intensive communications in which the basic material and the shaping are agreed with me.

3. All are unique and specially designed by me. They have a special shape and have special lines and notches (codes) that connect them to the Sirian Shining Ones. These kind of Shining Ones are only offered by me. They are not "on the market" or otherwise freely available.

4. I describe each Shining-One, draw cards for it and receive messages about the characteristics, the name and the specific effect and direction of each individual.

5. Because of the special production and the selected basic materials, the purchase price is considerably higher than for machine-made "off the peg". There are also shipping and customs fees.

6. The small Shining Ones are also made with the same care as the large ones. Hence, they are not proportionally that much cheaper.

7. All Shining Ones have an unmistakable outer shape and an equally unmistakable positive, inspiring and loving energy.